Urban Luxe Farms is a space, a place, and a vision......to restore and revitalize communities, and people through connection, art, food, and honoring the mind-body-spirit.

We believe in artisan living inspired by food from the earth, and a deep meaningful connection to each other. 

To us, this is what real luxury is... the authentic joy of experiencing life with all its meaning, depth, chaos, joy and love- and weaving this into a beautiful tapestry of life.

We are a small,  in town farmhouse in beautiful northwest Arkansas in charming Cave Springs. But we’re not just a space... we are a vision, inspired by connection to others and our planet.

Our concept is simple but thought provoking .... can eating  from the earth, restoring old houses, and revitalizing Main streets through art and culture bring together community and people? Can supporting small farmers and local artists and good food, create a sense of connection with our neighbors and restore emotional, physical and spiritual nourishment to communities?

We think so, and we are dedicating our life and our business to these ideals.

We love old farmhouses, classic cottages, friendly neighbors, local art, small town farmers, green pastures, country sunsets, good pie, and waking up to fresh coffee...welcome to Urban Luxe Farms.

We’re glad you’re here and we hope you'll stay awhile.